April General Membership Proposed Agenda

Wednesday April 12th, 2023 – 7:00pm

ICCM (1812 Park Ave) AND ZOOM (includes phone in option)
Times listed are estimates and are not “times certain”

7:00 Introductions/Correspondence

7:10 ACTION: Approval of April 12, 2023 proposed agenda

7:15 ACTION: Approval of March 8, 2023 minutes


Recommendation 2304-1: To add the following comments to the official Ventura Village comments to the
Minneapolis Land Use Rezoning Study:
a) Minneapolis 2040 Plan goals relating to the creation/retention of family housing should be added
to the section on “What does the Minneapolis 2040 Say” and the way in which the proposed
zoning promotes those goals should be clearly stated.
b) The document needs to address historical preservation.
c) The distinction between CM2 and CM3 is not clear and seems to be misapplied on the proposed
zoning maps.
d) The reason for designating the area around the intersection of Franklin and Hiawatha Avenues as
CM3 needs to be explained.
e) An analysis of how the Ventura Village Master Plan (a small area plan) relates to the Land Use
Rezoning Study needs to be conducted.

Recommendation 2304-2: To authorize expenditure of Ventura Village funds that facilitate attendance at
the public hearing for the Minneapolis Land Use Rezoning Study (e.g., transportation, parking, day
care, etc. cost reimbursement)

Recommendation 2304-3: Support Norway House’s request to expand their food and wine service
license to their entire campus.

7:25 CCP/SAFE Crime & Safety – Update

7:45 City Council – Update

8:15 Committee Reports

  1. Wellness, Gardening & Greening (Meets 5:30 p.m., Last Thurs. of the Month – TBA)
  2. Community Engagement (Meets 5:30 p.m., Last Thurs. of the Month – TBA)
  3. Parks (Peavey/PCC) (TBA)
  4. Crime & Safety – (Meets 5:30 p.m., Last Thurs. of the Month – TBA)
  5. Housing & Land (Meets 5:30 p.m., Last Thurs. of the Month – TBA)
  6. Executive Committee
  7. Treasurer’s Report (NCR/NCEC)

8:25 New Business and Old Business –

8:30 ACTION: Adjourn

Ventura Village invites and encourages participation by all. If you require an accommodation in order for you to fully participate, or if you require this document in a different format, please let us know at least five days in advance by emailing us or by calling 612-548-1598