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February 2024 Committee Agenda

Agenda for February 29, 2024 VV Committee Meetings.  

1. Partnering with Raices Latinas? 

2.  Election of committee chairs.

3. Update on Equitable Engagement Plan Implementation – working with Waite House and the Somali Youth and Family Development Center. First meeting of the planning committee scheduled for Thursday, March 7th at the Phillips Community Center.

4. Gift certificates from undesignated funds to help promote engagement.

5. Shootings at Elliot and Franklin

6. NRP election update

7. Working with radio stations and Alley – content 

8. Update on 2040 plan. (MN Court of Appeal hearing regarding the 2040 plan injunction)

9. Technology Committee

January 2024 Committee Agenda

January 25, 2024
Ventura Village Committee Agenda

1) Mille Lacs Mixed Use Project at 2224 Bloomington Ave. (not yet confirmed)

2) Sgt. Pond – React Team 

3) Report on Problem Solving Implementation 
– Meeting with Todd Barnette 
– 2040 Plan 
– Encampments 
– Lawyer 
– Graffiti removal 
– 311 meeting

4) Establishing an Implementation Work Plan for the Equitable Engagement contract with city and meeting times. 

5) Policy for posting information (website, Alley, Newsletter)  
-Inclusion of disclaimer statement for website, Alley and newsletter. 

6) Ventura Village NRP Elector and request for candidates to run for the NRP Board from Mr. Slaughter.

7) Project requests from the Ventura Village 2024 budget and Equitable Engagement program budget.

December 2023 Committee Agenda

December 28, 2023
Ventura Village Committee Agenda

1. Encampment at 13th and 24th – Mike Goze and the Mayor’s office have been invited to discuss if there is a plan going forward now that the Mayor decided not to close the encampment on Dec. 16th.

2. 2040 Plan – The City Attorney has been invited to explain why the City is not complying with the injunction regarding residential development under the 2040 plan.

3. Franklin and Chicago – Update  from Kali on arrests

4. Our Saviour’s update on shelter expansion (tentative) 

5. Citizen Participation Priorities for 2024 – What Ventura Village needs to do to implement the Equitable Engagement Contract with the NCR.

6. 2024 Budget – Administrative and program budgets

7. Problem Solving Implementation Plan – Update

8. Rethinking I-94 – January 23, 2024 meeting about becoming a consulting party

9. NRP Policy Board Nominations, Electors, and Election – Deadline for candidate nomination is January 20, 2024. Need to choose our elector in time to attend February 24, 2024 “conference.”

10. 2023 Neighborhood Annual Report – Do we need to submit this report since Ventura Village did not receive and 2023 NCR funding?

November 2023 Committee Agenda

November 30, 2023

  1. Review of Problem Solving Chart and request for approval of the implementation plan along with $2,000 to begin implementation.
  2. December 4, 2023 Public Hearing of the Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center’s proposal and request for a variance for a height increase from three to four stories and site plan review.
  3. Update on the 2040 Plan status – discuss optional responses
  4. Update on encampments
  5. Update on Website Manual – Daniel
  6. Update on Peacekeepers contract