From the City: Rehab Support Program

The Rehab Support Program, in partnership with the City of Minneapolis and Minnesota Housing, offers the Fix Up Loan program at a fixed interest rate of 2% (2.144% APR based on $30,000 loan).  Maximum loan is $30,000 to 43 select … Continue reading

Waite House Food Shelf

Because the PCC was closed to the public and because of the great demand Waite House moved their food shelf and lunch programs to the 11th Avenue side of the PCC

Gardening update from Hope Community

For over a decade, Hope Community has engaged residents and neighbors through our network of community gardens. Hope staff, community members and garden leaders plant, nurture, and harvest food in these gardens, but the work is about much more than … Continue reading

Fall…and a request for leaves

Fall is officially here, as it greets us with cool, breezy days and showers us in freshly falling leaves, but that hasn’t stopped us farmers and gardeners from getting outside to turn our compost piles and harvest our veggies. 

Computer use at the Franklin Library

Franklin Library is open for Computer Use by Appointment!