Center for Energy and Environment

Newsletter Post Submission Winter 2021

Saving energy can make your home more comfortable

It takes a lot of energy to keep our homes comfortable during Minneapolis’s famously chilly winters. However, homes that look similar may need very different amounts of energy to maintain this comfort. That difference is measurable — it represents the energy efficiency of a home. 

For almost a year, the City has been assessing the energy use of houses on the market and has compiled thousands of home efficiency scores. Because many Minneapolis homes are older, the average city score is 70 out of 100. (You can view the publicly available map of scores at

Curious about how you can stay more comfortable by saving energy? Contact an Energy Advisor from the local nonprofit Center for Energy and Environment. Energy Advisors are a free, no-pressure service to help answer home energy questions, identify available rebates and financing, and provide connections to quality contractors.

Improving a home’s energy efficiency has multiple benefits:

  • improved year-round comfort;
  • better indoor air quality;
  • lower energy bills; and
  • reduced environmental impact.

Call 651-328-6225 to speak with an Energy Advisor or visit for more information.

Energy Advisors are a service from the local nonprofit Center for Energy and Environment in partnership with CenterPoint Energy and the City of Minneapolis.