December 2023 General Membership Minutes

Minutes of the December 13th, 2023
Ventura Village General Membership Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 7:01pm by Vice-Chair Elizabeth Ihde
Those present at the meeting introduced themselves. Throughout the meeting 12 members attended. Lieutenant Carroll and Crime Prevention Specialist (CPS) Kali Pliego gave the CCP/SAFE Crime & Safety Update. No one from the City Council office attended.

Motion: (Adam/Watson) Approval of the December 13, 2023 proposed agenda. (11 yes/0 no/0 abstain)

Motion: (Adam/P. Peterson) Approval of the November 8, 2023 minutes. Passed (9 yes/0 no/2 abstain)

Motion: (Morales/Adam) Election of Vacancies for Board of Directors

Nominees: Kellen Gustafson, Lorna Hammonds, Ray Peterson

Lorna Hammonds declined to run. The others were voted on as a slate. Passed (12 yes/0 no/0 abstain)

Motion: (Adam/R. Peterson) Recommendation 2312-1: To adopt the attached Problem Solving Implementation Work Plan and allocate $2,000 to help begin the implementation. Passed (12 yes/0 no/0 abstain)

Motion: (R. Peterson/Morales) Adjourn at 7:43pm. Passed (12 yes/0 no/0 abstain)