December General Membership Proposed Agenda

Wednesday 13th, 2023 – 7:00pm

ICCM (1812 Park Ave) AND ZOOM (includes phone in option)
Times listed are estimates and are not “times certain.” 

7:00 Introductions/Correspondence 

7:10 ACTION: Approval of December 13, 2023 proposed agenda 

7:15 ACTION: Approval of November 8, 2023 minutes 

7:20 Election of Vacancies for Board of Directors

Nominees: Kellen Gustafson, Lorna Hammonds, Ray Peterson

7:25 ACTION:

Recommendation 2312-1: To adopt the attached Problem Solving Implementation Work Plan and allocate $2,000 to help begin the implementation.

7:30 CCP/SAFE Crime & Safety – Update

7:50 City Council – Update

8:15 Committee Reports 

1) Wellness, Gardening & Greening (Meets 5:30 p.m., Last Thurs. of the Month – TBA) 

2) Community Engagement (Meets 5:30 p.m., Last Thurs. of the Month – TBA) 

3) Parks (Peavey/PCC) (TBA)            

4) Crime & Safety – (Meets 5:30 p.m., Last Thurs. of the Month – TBA) 

5) Housing & Land (Meets 5:30 p.m., Last Thurs. of the Month – TBA) 

6) Executive Committee  

7) Treasurer’s Report (NCR/NCEC)

8:25 New Business and Old Business – 

8:30 ACTION: Adjourn 

This is our Annual Meeting. Board elections will be taking place and dinner will be provided. 

Ventura Village invites and encourages participation by all.  If you require an accommodation in order for you to fully participate, or if you require this document in a different format, please let us know at least five days in advance by emailing, or by calling 612-548-1598