Fall…and a request for leaves

Fall is officially here, as it greets us with cool, breezy days and showers us in freshly falling leaves, but that hasn’t stopped us farmers and gardeners from getting outside to turn our compost piles and harvest our veggies. 

This summer has been a unique season. From the record hot month of June when volunteers and I began planting our gardens, to the early September warning of frost when we rushed to harvest, gardening has taught us to be adaptable, resilient, and mindful. Most importantly, it has taught us to work together to care for our neighbors.

With the work of many hands, we were able to produce over 1500 lbs of pesticide-free produce this season! We sold about 600 lbs of produce to local organizations like NACC and the Minneapolis Lead clinic, while we were able to donate the other 900 lbs to our community meals program and food shelf at the Waite House- Phillips Community Center.
Now it’s time for us to put the gardens “to bed” by planting cover crops to protect the soil and spreading leaf mulch to add nutrients back into our garden soil, while keeping the weeds down in the spring. Will you help us? WE NEED YOUR LEAVES! Please email Melissa at Melissat@pillsburyunited.org if you’re able to donate your fall leaves, or if you’re interested in helping us tuck the gardens in for the winter.

A sweat bee visits our sunflowers at the Chicago Ave. garden to take a drink of sweet nectar
Two new interns Symbri and Kaija “Chip” help care for the Chicago Ave garden
Steve and Thach plant irises outside the Waite House garden
Thach and Chip harvest tomatoes for our CSA customers

Article and Picture Credit to: Melissa Trent with Pillsbury United