February General Membership Proposed Agenda

Wednesday 14th, 2024 – 7:00pm

ICCM (1812 Park Ave) AND ZOOM (includes phone in option)
Times listed are estimates and are not “times certain” 

7:00 Introductions/Correspondence 

7:10 ACTION: Approval of February 14, 2024 proposed agenda 

7:15 ACTION: Approval of January 10, 2024 minutes 

7:20 Election of Vacancy for Board of Directors

Nominee: Nardal Stroud

7:25 ACTION:

Recommendation 2402-1: Move to support the Mille Lacs Mixed Use Project at 2224 Bloomington Avenue including any variances as necessary. 

Recommendation 2402-2: Move to approve the 2024 Equitable Engagement program budget and framework for the use of funds. See below

7:30 CCP/SAFE Crime & Safety – Update

7:50 City Council – Update

8:15 Committee Reports 

1) Wellness, Gardening & Greening (Meets 5:30 p.m., Last Thurs. of the Month – TBA) 

2) Community Engagement (Meets 5:30 p.m., Last Thurs. of the Month – TBA) 

3) Parks (Peavey/PCC) (TBA)            

4) Crime & Safety – (Meets 5:30 p.m., Last Thurs. of the Month – TBA) 

5) Housing & Land (Meets 5:30 p.m., Last Thurs. of the Month – TBA) 

6) Executive Committee  

7) Treasurer’s Report (NCR/NCEC)

8:25 New Business and Old Business – 

8:30 ACTION: Adjourn 

Ventura Village invites and encourages participation by all.  If you require an accommodation in order for you to fully participate, or if you require this document in a different format, please let us know at least five days in advance by emailing villageventura@gmail.com, or by calling 612-548-1598  

Recommendation 2402-2: Equitable Engagement Budget Framework:

1) Maximum contract length = 3 months, renewal requires evaluation based on how many new members are signed up.

2) All proposed budget requests must include a goal of how many new members will be signed up for each target population.

3) Evaluation will be based on the cost per new member actually signed up. Contracts that exceed a cost of $500 per new member will require a vote from the membership and board before that contract is renewed. If the new member becomes a board member the cost per new board member will be increased to $2,000 per new board member when it comes time to evaluate contract renewal.

4) Each budget request must use the Ventura Village request form or the Equitable engagement Form.