Gardening update from Hope Community

For over a decade, Hope Community has engaged residents and neighbors through our network of community gardens. Hope staff, community members and garden leaders plant, nurture, and harvest food in these gardens, but the work is about much more than just the food itself. This summer, despite all the challenges from COVID and the uprising nearby, Hope was able to put on another successful season in the gardens, safely distanced to keep everyone healthy. In particular, one program from our garden season was supported by the Ventura Village Neighborhood: our Food and Photography program. Food and Photography is a 10-week summer youth program involving meal planning around what’s ready to harvest in the garden; harvesting, cooking, eating, and sharing stories/food together; learning about photography; and photo documenting their experiences. It is always a great time, and
this year was no different. We will have more to share from Food and Photography as well as our overall garden work in the next edition of The Alley, so please stay tuned.

Hope thanks Ventura Village Neighborhood for its support of our work. Thank you, neighbors!

Credit: Will Delaney with Hope Community