January 2024 Committee Agenda

January 25, 2024
Ventura Village Committee Agenda

1) Mille Lacs Mixed Use Project at 2224 Bloomington Ave. (not yet confirmed)

2) Sgt. Pond – React Team 

3) Report on Problem Solving Implementation 
– Meeting with Todd Barnette 
– 2040 Plan 
– Encampments 
– Lawyer 
– Graffiti removal 
– 311 meeting

4) Establishing an Implementation Work Plan for the Equitable Engagement contract with city and meeting times. 

5) Policy for posting information (website, Alley, Newsletter)  
-Inclusion of disclaimer statement for website, Alley and newsletter. 

6) Ventura Village NRP Elector and request for candidates to run for the NRP Board from Mr. Slaughter.

7) Project requests from the Ventura Village 2024 budget and Equitable Engagement program budget.