May 2023 Board Minutes and Financials

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Minutes of the May 10th, 2023

Ventura Village Board of Directors Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 6:01pm by Chair Marti Maltby

Present: Elizabeth Ihde, Ray Peterson, Michelle Benson, Steve Dreyer, Marti Maltby, Patti Peterson, Rico Morales

Excused: Thor Adam, Melanie Majors

Motion: (Morales/R. Peterson) To approve the agenda for the May 10, 2023 meeting. Passed

Motion: (R. Peterson/Dreyer) To approve the minutes for the April 12, 2023 meeting. Passed

Motion: (R. Peterson/Morales) Recommendation 2305-1: In concept Ventura Village supports expanding the Native American Community Clinic and developing housing on the west half of the Franklin Circles Shopping Center site with the following conditions:

1. The building is limited to 4 stories in height in compliance with the Ventura Village Master Plan.

2. More information is provided on setbacks

3. More information is provided on parking and auto access.


Motion: (Dreyer/R. Peterson) Recommendation 2305-2: To support ICCM’s annual event taking place August 17th in ICCM’s Life Center parking lot and August 18th in Peavey Park. Passed with amended dates

Motion: Recommendation 2305-3: Ventura Village moves to adopt the two attached position papers. 

  1. (R. Peterson/P. Peterson).Ventura Village Requests to Council Member Osman Passed with amendments to point #2. 
  2. (Ihde/Morales) Problems with the Minneapolis 2040 Plan. Passed

Motion: (Dreyer/P. Peterson) Receive and file the financial report. Passed

Motion: (R. Peterson/Dreyer) to adjourn at 6:43pm. Passed