Minutes of the March 13, 2019

Ventura Village General Membership Meeting
The meeting was called to order at 7:10 by Vice Chair Elizabeth Ihde

Motion:          (Mary Watson/Cecil Smith) Approval of March 13, 2019 Proposed Agenda
Passed (12 yes/0 no/0 abstained)
Motion:          (Cecil Smith/Daniel Dorff) Approval of February 13, 2019 Minutes
Passed (12 yes/0 no/1 abstained)

Motion:           (Cecil Smith/Daniel Dorff) Recommendation 1902-3: Ventura Village supports the Divine Institute’s development of 628 E. Franklin Avenue for congregate living for young girls.
Tabled Cecil Smith/Mary Watson (13 yes/0 no/0 abstained)
Motion:           (Cecil Smith/Ray Peterson) Recommendation 1903-1: Receive and file 2018 Community Engagement Committee Report.
Passed (13 yes/0 no/0 abstained)
Motion:          (tabled by board) Recommendation 1903-2: Review and approve Community Engagement Committee funding requests.
Motion:          (Ray Peterson/Marti Maltby) Recommendation 1903-3: Receive and file 2018 Wellness, Gardening & Greening Committee Report.
Passed (13 yes/0 no/0 abstained)
Motion:          (tabled by board) Recommendation 1903-4: Review and approve Wellness, Gardening, and Greening funding requests.
Motion:          (Cecil Smith/Patti Peterson) Recommendation 1903-5: Ventura Village supports the Red Lake Minobimaadiziwin development plans for 2105 Cedar Avenue South as presented and the following variances.
-Variance to reduce the front yard setback from 15’ to 13’-6”
-Variance to reduce the off-street parking requirement from 72 stalls to 59 stalls
-Vacation applications for public right of way easements on the site
Passed (13 yes/0 no/0 abstained)


-Apply for Southside Green zone

Parks: May 31st is the reopening of Peavey Park
Crime & Safety: 22nd and Bloomington Pedestrian Safety Project to proceed this summer 

Announcements from Mary Watson
-Open Streets: last Sunday, 25th of August
-Cutting all trees along I-94 between 11th and 18th Avenue, meeting to be held with project manager


Motion:          (Mary Watson/Marti Maltby) to adjourn
Passed (13 yes/0 no/0 abstained)