Minutes of the October 10, 2018

Ventura Village General Membership Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 7:07 by Chair Elizabeth Ihde

Motion:           (Smith/Watson) Approval of October 10, 2018 Proposed


Passed (14 yes/0 no/0 abstained)

Motion:           (Watson/Dorff) Approval of September 12, 2018 Minutes

Passed (13 yes/0 no/2 abstained)


Motion:           (Smith/Watson) Recommendation 1810-1 Over the past few

years Ventura Village has passed motions to fund a Neighborhood Priority

Plan (NPP) using Community Participation Plan (CPP) funds.  The City calls

these actions Plan Modifications (Plan Mods).  The City is now processing

these Plan Mods, but has requested that Ventura Village first use funds from

the old Neighborhood Revitalization Program Phase I and Phase II Plans

(NRP) that have been returned to Ventura Village from old contracts.  The

remaining balance will then be taken from the current Ventura Village CPP

contract as originally approved.


This motion will clean up all the old balances and bring the Ventura Village

NPP Plan up to date.


Recommendation to approve the reallocation of the following FROM

Ventura Village NRP funds

  1. $3,289.90 from Multi-Cultural Arts Center (Phase I, Arts/Culture/Ethnicity 3.2.1.)
  1. $0.04 from The Management Team (Phase I, Administrative Support 1.1.1.)
  1. $9,313.41 from Homeowner Fix-up Grant Program (Phase II, Housing 1.2.1.) ($4,137.08 of this is Program Income)
  1. $4,500.00 from Educate Property Managers, Owners and Renters (Phase II, Housing 1.3.1.)


PLUS the following from Ventura Village CPP funds

  1. $82,896.65 from CPP ($18,370.37 is in the CPP Reserve; $64,526.28 is in CPP contract)


TO the Ventura Village NPP Plan

  1. $17,103.35 to Peavey Park Improvements (Phase II, Parks and Open Spaces 1.1.2.)
  1. $82,896.65 to Park Improvements NPP


AND further move to rescind all previous reallocation motions for these


Passed (17 yes/0 no/0 abstained)


7:25 TRAFFIC MANAGER: Clara Schmit-Gonzalez


Motion:           (Smith/Dorff) Recommendation 1810-2 Ventura Village moves

to request that Traffic Control fully enforces all parking regulations.

Passed (12 yes/0 no/1 abstained) with amendment to request that public

works post additional parking signage

Motion:           (Smith/Dorff) Recommendation 1810-3 Send a letter listing

neighborhood questions about the relocation of the “Hiawatha”

encampment to the site owned by the Red Lake Nation on Franklin Avenue.

Passed (14 yes/0 no/0 abstained) with change in wording made to


 Motion:          (Adam/Dorff) Recommendation 1810-4 Ventura Village

opposes any changes to ordinances regarding occupancy levels.

Passed (11 yes/0 no/3 abstained) with amendment to strike part about

“conduct on premises ordinance” from original motion



Specialist Brett Nyman/Inspector Sullivan



Census 2020-looking for representatives from respective communities to

work with city surrounding census, contact Ryan if interested


No motion to adjourn due to time