November 2021 General Membership Minutes

Minutes of the November 10th, 2021

Ventura Village General Membership Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 7:08pm by Chair Josiah Hanka

Those present at the meeting introduced themselves.Throughout the meeting 16 members attended.

Motion: (Ihde/Majors) Approval of the November 10, 2021 proposed agenda. Passed (11 yes/0 no/1 abstain)

Motion: (Ihde/P. Peterson) Approval of the October 13, 2021 minutes. Passed (10 yes/0 no/2 abstain)

Motion: (R. Peterson/Watson) Recommendation 2111-1 (#4 below was an amendment done at the meeting): Website Scope of Service:  Move to approve the Ventura Village Website Scope of Service as revised by the Community Engagement Committee:  

  1. Replace “Complete Branding (Logo, colors, fonts, style guide)” with “Develop website graphics content, layout, and functionality, using current logo”
  2. Remove “During the branding discovery period we would like to work with your team hearing input from other community organizations.”
  3. Add “User Manual” to the list of requirements.
  4. Change the line reading “There is currently $35,000 allocated for this project (Branding and website) to “There is currently $30,000 allocated for this project.” Passed (6 yes/4 no/2 abstain)

Motion: (Adam/Ihde) Recommendation 2111-2: Move to write a letter to Mayor Frey and Sasha Cotton regarding the Violence Interrupters not present in the area previously asked for. Being that we received no response from previous ask and the situation has worsened including to the point of two deaths. Passed as amended (10 yes/0 no/2 abstain)

The following Funding Request Motions (Adam/Watson) were moved as a slate and passed (12 yes/0 no/0 abstain)

Motion: Funding Request:  Move to approve up to $1000 to purchase 2 portable air conditioning units for the Peavey Park Building.

Motion: Funding Request:  Move to approve up to $1000 for several portable seating benches to be used at Peavey Park for outdoor events.

Motion: Funding Request:  Move to begin paying The Alley Newspaper $700 per month to publish the Ventura Village page beginning with the November 2021 issue

Motion: (Majors/Martin) to Adjourn at 8:18pm. No vote taken. Below quorum at the time.