Statement from Ventura Village – June 23rd, 2020

Hello Ventura Village Neighbors,    

Covid19 and the subsequent closure of the Phillips Community Center created a significant barrier to holding our monthly committee, board, and general membership meetings. It had been our hope that the danger would pass and we would be able to return to the normal routine. Unfortunately, this has not been the case and a plan is being put in place so that going forward we will not have further lapses in meetings.

On Wednesday, June 10, 2020 the Ventura Village Board met via zoom and in the basement of Trinity Lutheran Church while practicing social distancing. Conversation surrounded logistics for meetings and potential budgetary changes as a result of the pandemic. There was the resignation for our chair Daniel Dorff as he was contracted to be our new administrative assistant and there was discussion regarding how to re-evaluate the relationship between the Ventura Village Neighborhood Organization and the police.
The board is working to coordinate a general membership meeting for July that will be a hybrid between online and socially distanced in person. The PCC will still be closed so we are securing a new venue.

The past few months and weeks have been challenging for our community, but also a time of opportunity and growth. Our Community Gardening has continued despite the pandemic. Flowers were still planted on Franklin Ave. We continue to look for ways to support Peavey Park. We mourned the horrific news of the killing of George Floyd by former Minneapolis 3rd precinct police officer Derek Chauvin. We also saw newspapers acknowledge how the American Indian Movement mobilized to protect our neighborhood. We hope to institute a practice that will hopefully become a tradition of having brave conversations about the effects of racism on our neighborhood.

Elizabeth Ihde
Ventura Village Chair

What can you expect at the Ventura Village committee meetings this Thursday June 25th?

In person meetings will require masks and social distancing. Disposable masks will be provided to anyone who shows up without one.
Meetings will also be available to attend via zoom. There will be a learning curve. Please be patient with us. The zoom link will be emailed to you.

 For the time being, our crime prevention specialist Kali Pliego will come and give crime and safety updates, but we will not have any of the police officers at the meeting.