Trinity First Lutheran Church & School

Welcome to Trinity First Lutheran Church. We are delighted to share with you in worship, songs of praise, prayers, and the Living Word of the Gospel. May the blessing of God through His Holy Word and the warmth of our welcome give you the desire to worship with us.

A Brief History of Trinity First
Trinity First Lutheran Church was the first Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod congregation established in Minnesota and is the oldest Lutheran congregation in Minneapolis. It was organized in 1856 in investigate mission possibilities among Chippewa Indians in the Minnesota Territory, and to serve German Lutherans already here. In 1985 and again 1997 the Lord gave us another opportunity to minister to American Indian people with the addition of a Missionary-at-large.

Christian education was the priority for those early settlers. A Christian Day School was established in 1859 and a building erected in 1870 to serve the education needs of the children in the parish. Today, the Education Center, dedicated in 1973, enrolls preschool through eighth grade and serves the children of a multicultural Phillips Neighborhood. In a 1988 building program, the preschool room was refurbished from an upper grade classroom, and an elevator was installed, making the lower level of the church accessible to all.

The first house of worship was built in 1867 and located across the street from where the HHH Metrodome now stands. The second one, built in 1903, stood on the present gymnasium site, with it entrance on 13th Avenue South. The third and present house of worship was dedicated in 1953. The chapel area in the new building later was made into office space and a lounge. The most recent remodeling took place in 1997 when the kitchen adjacent the Fellowship Hall was brought up to code through a generous gift.

Address: 115 East 19th Street ~ Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404
Phone: 612-870-9487 | 612-871-2353
Sunday Worship at 9:30 a.m.