January 2023 Board Minutes and Financials

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Minutes of the January 11th, 2023

Ventura Village Board of Directors Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 6:09pm by Vice Chair Elizabeth Ihde

Present: Elizabeth Ihde, Ray Peterson, Melanie Majors, Michelle Benson, Steve Dreyer, Marti Maltby, Patti Peterson

Excused: Thor Adam

Unexcused: Rico Morales, Amanda Martin

Motion: (R. Peterson/P. Peterson) To approve the agenda for the January 11, 2023 meeting. Passed

Motion: (Benson/Dreyer) To approve the minutes for the December 14, 2022 meeting. Passed

Motion: (R. Peterson/Maltby) Receive and file the financial report. Passed

Motion: (R. Peterson/P. Peterson) To elect Elizabeth Ihde as Vice Chair, Melanie Majors as Treasurer, and Steve Dreyer as Secretary. Passed

Motion: (Maltby/Majors) To activate the new website once it is 1) Mobile ready and 2) Daniel has been shown how to edit and update it. Passed

Motion: (R. Peterson/P. Peterson) To move our current Admin Assistant to a pay rate to $30/hour and our current financial manager to $35/hour. Passed

Motion: (R. Peterson/Benson) to adjourn at 6:49pm. Passed