January 2024 Board Minutes and Financials

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Minutes of the January 10th, 2024

Ventura Village Board of Directors Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 6:04pm by Chair Marti Maltby

Present: Elizabeth Ihde, Ray Peterson, Steve Dreyer, Marti Maltby, Thor Adam, Patti Peterson

Unexcused: Rico Morales, Kellen Gustafson

Motion: (Ihde/R. Peterson) To approve the agenda for the January 10, 2024 meeting. Passed

Motion: (Ihde/Dreyer) To approve the minutes for the December 13, 2023 meeting. Passed

Motion: (Adam/R. Peterson) Recommendation 2401-1: To approve the 2024 Budget. Passed

Motion: (R. Peterson/Adam) Election of Executive Committee: Move Marti Maltby as Chair, Elizabeth Ihde as Vice Chair, Steve Dreyer as Secretary, and Ray Peterson as Treasurer. Passed

Motion: (Adam/Ihde) Move that Steve Dreyer be Ventura Village’s elector at the February 24, 2024 Community Connections Conference. Passed. Note: Elizabeth Ihde requested this to be on the agenda with the intent to choose an elector tonight.

Motion: R. Peterson/Adam) Receive and file the financial report. Passed

Motion: (Adam/R. Peterson) Adjourn at 6:49. Passed